As Colorado real estate agents, it is our job to help clients in the buying and selling of their house, condo, townhome, or land. We apply our years of professional knowledge and experience to meet the many different needs of our clients. Here are a few services we provide in addition to the basic tasks of buying and selling homes.

Community Knowledge

As professional real estate agents, we understand & know the communities where we work. We can help you navigate neighborhoods that will be the best fit for your family such as 55+ retirement communities, patio home complexes, walkable downtown neighborhoods, affordable family-friendly areas, or anything specific that you are looking for.  We can also provide you with school ratings, crime statistics, and zoning restrictions if that is important to your needs. We will be your guide to the community and help you understand the local culture.

Consulting & Educating

It is important during life’s transitions to have trusted resources to help guide you.  Whether buying or selling, there will be a plethora of decisions to be made about a home such as pricing, timing, upgrades, and more.  We will help educate you on the current market conditions so you can feel comfortable making well informed decisions. Whether you are relocating to a new area, wanting to downsize, or move into a larger home, we can help you navigate these life transitions.   Our team is here to assist you with any questions you have about your options.

Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality

Gold Compass Real Estate agents are not merely messengers delivering buyer’s offers to sellers and vice versa.  We are trained professionals who present their client’s case in the best light and agree to hold client information confidential from competing interests. We remove ourselves from the emotional side of a real estate transaction so we can help assist you in making well information choices rather than emotional decisions.

Paperwork & Transaction Coordination

In the early 1900’s contracts were usually based on a hand-shake or one-page receipt, but today the standard contract consists of over 20 pages plus addendums and disclosures. There are hundreds of small details and steps that need to be taken care of at the right time in a transaction.  Our agents and their teams will ensure that all the details are covered to make the transaction go smoothly.

Share Network of Professionals

We have worked with a variety of professionals over the years and have learned what to look for in a quality professional.  This includes all areas from mortgage brokers to home inspectors to flooring contractors. We would be happy to provide you a list of referrals for whatever real estate project you have in mind from home repairs to refinancing.

Answer Questions After Closing

Even the smoothest transactions that close without complications can come back to haunt buyers & sellers. For example, unforeseen HOA special assessments, taxing authorities that collect property taxes, or a mix up on invoices can fall months behind, but one call to your agent can straighten out the confusion. Many questions can pop-up that were overlooked in the excitement of closing. We are here to help you even months to years after your transaction closed.

As real estate agents it is our job to do much more than simply list homes for sale or open doors for buyers. At Gold Compass Real Estate we work with our clients to share our vast knowledge to protect your investments. Contact us today at 303-325-5690 to discuss your real estate goals!